Almost 2 years have passed since the crime of Valentino Blas Correas, the 17-year-old teenager shot in the back by a Córdoba police officer at a checkpoint on Vélez Sarsfield Avenue. It was one of the most violent events during the beginning of the pandemic in 2020.

From that moment on, the whole family and friends keep shouting “never again”, fighting against the excesses of the provincial security forces and demanding justice for Blas and the easy-trigger victims.

On repeated occasions, the mother, Soledad Laciar, reproached the silence of Governor Juan Schiaretti. Finally, the meeting took place last Friday: “After a long time I was able to tell him everything I wanted and more.” In dialogue with El Doce, she gave details of the meeting that she had been waiting for during these 19 months.

Laciar confessed that she arrived very nervous and had two questions in her head that went round and round. “Why now and not before?” She asked the provincial president, who replied that “while the investigation was underway, they did not want to get involved.” For this reason, the woman took the opportunity to clarify that she did not share her argument because she considered that she should appear 24 hours after the crime “because his employees killed him.”

He then asked the second question: “Why do you keep the Minister of Security?” However, according to what she told him, he did not get any response. On this, she reflected: “That’s when I realized that I was not going to talk about Blas, but about so many things that happen. I was missing fingers to enumerate the number of cases in which the Police were involved, Police that depend on the minister (Mosquera)”.

Soledad Laciar thanked the absence of Alfonso Mosquera at the meeting. Only the governor and the Minister of Justice, Julián López, were present. “If (Mosquera) had been there, I would have retired,” he confessed. She insisted that the head of the Security portfolio “is the main person responsible” for the murder of Valentino Blas Correas because “there is ample evidence.”

The victim’s mother described the encounter as “positive”. However, she clarified: “It does not take away what I believe, that they are responsible.” “I wasn’t going to look for a hug, I expected that at first. Now I want you to do something so that things change, ”she sentenced about the responsibility of Governor Juan Schiaretti.

Source: The Twelve