Jair Bolsonaroformer far-right president of Brazilreturned this Thursday to his country after three months in USA and was greeted by supporters at the capital’s airport before heading to meetings with his political party.

Bolsonaro, who never acknowledged defeat in last year’s elections, has promised to lead the opposition to the government of Lula, raising the stakes for the new candidacy. The 68-year-old former president, in a live broadcast from the headquarters of his Liberal Party, said that the conservatives controlled Congress and that Lula’s minority government could not “do whatever I want with the future of our country.” He has also defended himself against accusations that he tried to steal $3.2 million worth of jewelry from the Saudi king without declaring the gift, a scandal that has tarnished his claim to be an incorruptible politician.

The former president traveled to the United States two days before the scheduled date for the delivery of the presidential sash to Lula, establishing that “I needed to rest”, But critics say he was avoiding the risks of more than a dozen legal investigations he may face in Brazil. The Justice focused on its attacks against the voting system of Brazil and his alleged role in encouraging his supporters to storm government buildings in the January 8 riots that recalled the 2021 assault on the US Capitol. USA.

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