Brenda Agüero, the 27-year-old nurse who is the only one arrested for the death of at least five babies at the provincially run Maternal and Neonatal Hospital, was left more complicated by the interdisciplinary tests that were carried out on her in recent days.

The procedure, which consisted of seven interviews by 2 social workers, 2 psychologists, 2 psychiatrists and 4 control experts, concluded that the health professional She does not suffer from any pathology and that she can be imputed if she is found guilty, because she understands all her actions.

According to the journalist Ariel Zalio, the evaluators also found in his behavior little empathy with his own and external emotions. They also observed that she has a lucid memory and that she remembers precise moments of the events, but that there are certain fables or confabulations regarding what happened. They were able to verify conflicting responses and an intent to manipulate the course of the interview to avoid delving into different aspects.

The hypothesis of prosecutor Raúl Garzón indicates that “on Brenda’s phone she googled how to inject potassium, how to inject insulin, how to resuscitate a baby, how to grieve the death of a baby. Another piece of evidence has to do with a witness who indicates that she always went (to work) in long sleeves, no matter how hot it was.”

The investigation maintains that the nurse would have taken the newborn babies to a recovery room, where she had access to be alone, different from the delivery room, shared with other professionals. “Apparently, in that room he had access to the blisters and that there he could have injected the babies by picking them up, while they were dressed, that’s why the punctures were on the back and thighs.”

His parents, neighbors and former co-workers at the three institutions where he worked were also investigated. Her work group described her as a person “attentive, good colleague and responsible”and the report indicates that he lived in a harmonious family environment, with “few relationships outside the workplace.”

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