At the request of the defense of Brenda Agüero, the only detainee in the case investigating the deaths of babies at the Maternal and Neonatal Hospital, the nurse will leave strict isolation and will become part of the common ward, with the rest of the inmates in the Bouwer Penalty. The lawyers representing Agüero are Juan Pedro García and Adriana Esther Paz.

In dialogue with La Voz, García pointed out that the request was made “because their conditions were not the best. She was detained in a confinement room in the Infirmary, without contact with any inmate, only with Service employees and had a bathroom inside her room with a padlock closed almost all day. She had to ask permission to be enabled, every time.”

It should be remembered that the nurse has been detained in these conditions since the end of August, for which reason she had been confined for more than three months.

The Penitentiary Service accepted the request and this Tuesday the transfer to a common pavilion was made effective, where the detainee will be able to make contact with the other inmates and carry out various activities such as taking painting workshops, sewing, doing gymnastics and using the library, among many others. other activities that were prohibited with strict isolation. “Psychologically, it was no longer good for her to be where she was.”

It remains for the prosecution to decide on keeping the nurse in pretrial detention or if it will give rise to the defense’s claim that the process be continued with Brenda released. The prosecutor Raúl Garzón had preventive detention for two facts -those that occurred in the guard on June 6- and, at the same time, expanded the accusation to another three deaths and eight attempted homicides.

When the pretrial detention is resolved, Agüero’s new defense will decide whether or not to extend his investigative statement for these new facts. They will also raise a series of “specific requests for irregularities” and other aspects related “to her freedom and procedural issues that will end up favoring Brenda,” García anticipated.