Britney Spears announced through her Instagram account that she is pregnant. The singer, who remained under the guardianship of her father for 13 years, had removed the IUD that she had placed, which she could not remove while she remained under legal guardianship.
“I lost so much weight to go on my trip to Maui and then gained it back, I was like ‘wow… what happened to my stomach? And my husband was like ‘You’re pregnant dumbass!'” , in reference to the recent trip to Hawaii that he made with his partner Sam Asghari.

And he continued: “So I took a pregnancy test and well: I’m going to have a baby.” The singer assured that she will not go out so much so that the paparazzi do not get money with her photos.

The publication aroused a cataract of congratulations among them that of Paris Hilton who wrote: “Congratulations sister, I am so excited for you !! Love you!”. Also Victoria Asher, the keyboardist of Cobra Starship, congratulated Britney, “I love them so much, you got it!”.