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Bullrich on Javier Pretto: "it is a shame"

After the triumph of the PJ in the city of Córdoba, Patricia Bullrich targeted the vice mayor-elect, Javier Prettowho had been president of the Pro of the province. “It is a shame” the pre-candidate for president spoke before the LN+ cameras.

The ex-minister expressed the historical difficulty that “Together for Change” always had to prevail in the provincial capital. In this sense, she ironized: “In Córdoba we always have a problem, and it is that our competitor has a certain point in common with us, and days before he always says that he is coming to Together for Change“.

Although he avoided talking about the internal confrontation with Rodriguez Larretaif he mentioned that it was the Buenos Aires head of government who opened the door to the conflict by suggesting the incorporation of Juan Schiaretti to the party, a union in which almost everyone in the coalition agreed except Federico Angelini, president of the PRO. “It’s the bear hug all the time. Schiaretti said two days before the elections that he was joiningBullrich said.

Immediately afterwards, he questioned the newly elected vice mayor in the PJ and reproached him “The president of PRO ended up being Córdoba’s vice president, a shame.”.

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Javier Pretto was mayor of The Charlotte, linked to the UceDe (Unión del Centro Democrático), after his administration, he linked up with Peronism in Córdoba, however, he separated from the party on good terms to join let’s change in 2013. There, he enlisted in the ranks of Prowhere he became president. This year he rejoined Schiaretti’s party, “Hacemos por Córdoba” due to a strong controversy with the party’s provincial leaders.

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