This Tuesday, leaders of Together for Change (JxC) that respond to the sector of the presidential candidate Patricia Bullrich They asked that the other pre-candidate of the coalition, Horacio Rodriguez Larretarequest a “sharp public retraction” of the deputy of the Civic Coalition (CC) Juan Manuel Lopez, who suggested that a hypothetical government of the former Security Minister would have “difficulties“like those that the country experienced during the 2001 crisis.

“There is no contribution for the future in persisting with expressions that have absolutely nothing to do with the healthy internal competition that we are committed to carrying out,” several leaders who support Bullrich’s pre-candidacy indicated in a statement and asked larreta that “request a swift and emphatic public retraction” of Lopez.

They warned the Buenos Aires mayor that “with the greatest possible force” urge “the members of his sector” to maintain “internal differences in the democratic sphere.”

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“We cannot accept that statements against Patricia Bullrich such as those of deputy Juan Manuel López, a member of the ‘El cambio de nuestras vidas’ sector that is referred to in his figure in these internal elections, do not deserve at least a reflection on his part about whether this It is the way that you think is most convenient to settle our differences”adds the statement.

The statement is signed, among others, by the pre-candidates Cristian Ritondo, Néstor Grindetti, Maximiliano Abad, Federico Angelini, Damián Arabia and Maximiliano Guerra; and the former senator Frederick Pinedo.

“We believe that different demonstrations broadcast in the last hours from your space not only do not contribute anything to a good democratic coexistence but, in addition, they do not represent the values ​​of JxC and harm the fights that we are giving together to end once and for all with the Kirchnerist populism”, the leaders who support the leader of the group of “the Hawks“, the sector that intends to position itself as the “toughest” within the internal.

The bullrichistas’ criticisms came after Congressman López questioned the “speed” with which the former Security Minister intends to make “changes” in the country.