This Tuesday Fernando Burlando made official his launch as a candidate for governor for the province of Buenos Aires. The media lawyer published a video on his Instagram account as part of the campaign that he has been carrying out for a few weeks.

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However, the video generated strong criticism from users for a particular detail in her outfit. In the spot the lawyer is seen visiting the home of a family dressed in a tank top, shorts and flip flops. A look very different from what we are used to seeing.

“Is it necessary to dress up as a beggar? It seems more like a parody than anything else. YOU ARE rich, dress in your usual clothes. That does not invalidate the fact that you can be a candidate. Everything for the rostrum. The same as everyone”, “Stop acting mocking it seems that you are mocking. Just like all politicians play humble change, that was it!!”, “Is it necessary to dress like that? Disaster”, These were some of the comments that Instagram internet users left on Burlando’s post.

But, on Twitter it was where the criticism of the candidate rained the most. Even dozens of users targeted the lawyer by posting some memes about it. Below we share some of the posts that users dedicated to it.