In recent hours there has been much talk about the spot launched last Tuesday by the now candidate for governor of the province of Buenos Aires, Fernando Burlando, who generated controversy due to the way in which he appeared together with low-income people in Los Ovens.

In his video, the lawyer points out that the families of that town “They continue to bet on decency, on education. There is a lot of warmth and human material to get ahead. You just have to propose it”says Mocking directly to the camera. The campaign video closes with the message “Fernando Burlando. It’s time to defend the province.”

The clothing was the particularity that drew attention. Wearing a T-shirt, shorts and flip-flops, the lawyer was accused by Internet users of “pretend to be poor to go see the poor”, in an “attempt” to supposedly show “empathy“towards the most deprived population. “He is making fun of people”; “it is an absolute lack of respect towards those who are really decent and cannot get out of there”; “He stopped being serious a long time ago, uses court cases to increase his political rating”are some of the sharp criticisms that were thrown at him.

Hours later, at noon this Wednesday, Burlando referred to the negative comments he received. “I was a trend for wearing tank tops and flip flops on my visit to Los Hornos. Now, When will it be a trend to get involved and act to reduce the 41% poverty rate in the province of Buenos Aires? Whenever they want, they are welcome to tour the province and listen to the people,” launched on the social network Twitter.