The Chief of Staff, Agustín Rossi, led the first government meeting at the Casa Rosada with the presence of the presidential candidate, Sergio Massa, and the Minister of the Interior, Wado de Pedro. During the meeting, all the government ministers were present, including President Alberto Fernández. The meeting focused on the electoral campaign ahead of the next elections in 2023.

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Rossi stressed that this meeting is not only about a campaign photo, but also about management. The official stressed that the government has no intention of making adjustments, unlike the opposition, and that it seeks to boost growth and prevent the economy from cooling down. These cabinet meetings were common during Juan Manzur’s administration as chief of staff and have now been resumed by Rossi.

The meeting is expected to address the pending issues and define the roadmap for the final stage of the Alberto Fernández government. Juan Manzur, in the last meeting, had emphasized the importance of maintaining economic activity, generating employment, attracting investment and reducing inflation. It is also expected that the steps to follow during the electoral campaign in view of the next elections will be discussed. The meeting marks a new impetus for the government team in a crucial political context.