During the afternoon of Wednesday, the well-known humorist from Mendoza Juan “Cacho” Garay was apprehended by the police at his home located in the department of Lujan de Cuyoafter his wife denounced him for gender violence, police sources reported.

During a search carried out around 1:30 p.m. in the house located on Calle September 20requested by the Gender Violence Fiscal Unit, police officers found five firearms that were seized, according to sources.

The complainant’s lawyer said that the humorist’s wife decided to resort to Justice after an episode of violence in a hotel in Carlos Paz the last weekend. She maintained that her client went to a women’s shelter, since her husband refused to leave the house they shared in Mendoza and indicated that she had been in a relationship with the comedian for 13 years and had been a victim of physical, economic and sexual violence. “She comes from a long period of suffering violence in all senses. The aggressor has to be excluded from the home and that is not being fulfilled. She is economically helpless, physically she cannot enter her home and psychologically she cannot speak.”said the lawyer Jose Manuel Fiz.

According to what they indicated, among the seized weapons were a 40 centimeter long iron machete, an ax with an iron blade, two shotguns, two rifles and a compressed gas pistol. Garay was apprehended in a police headquarters and available to the prosecutor Daniel Carniello, who should define their procedural situation.