Martín Llaryora, candidate for governor of Hacemos por Córdoba, added the adhesion of mayors of the Calamuchita department. The communal chiefs ratified that they will support the government project headed by the current mayor of the city.

During the meeting, the mayors promised to hold the elections in their districts on the same date that they are held at the provincial level. Thus, the communal chiefs expressed their desire to continue the model of management and progress carried out by the provincial government.

Martín Llaryora was received by Claudio Chavero, the mayor of Santa Rosa de Calamuchita, and was accompanied by the lieutenant governor Manuel Calvo and the Minister of Government and Security, Julián López.

The mayors who assured that they will match the dates of the elections are:
Santa Rosa de Calamuchita; Villa Gral Belgrano; San Agustin; The Limestones; Amboy; Villa Quillinzo; The mills; Villa del Dique; Villa City Park.

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