In just over a month, the University Beach Volleyball World Cup will be held in Maceió, Brazil, and two young people from Córdoba dream of being there. This is Santiago Gauto, 20 years old, who with his duo won first place in the qualifying round.

But the athletes are asking society for help to make their dream come true: in a statement released by Santiago, he said that “unfortunately the FeDUA (Federation of Argentine University Sports) does not have the possibility of supporting us”, so they ask for financial help to the community.

It will be my first international competition and I really want to participate representing my country. I am taking the pertinent steps to carry out the trip, but the economic context is hindering me from fulfilling my dream of competing at an international level, which is why I require your valuable collaboration to be able to move forward,” said Gaudo.

The expenses they have to face are linked to flights, clothing, competition registration, accommodation, food, and administrative expenses in FeUDA.

Thus, Santiago asked for help and dissemination of his case to be able to compete in Brazil from September 6 to 10 of this year. In case of any doubt or concern, I make my email address available: [email protected] and my phone: 3543 58-9615.

Call for solidarity for the Beach Volleyball University World Cup • Channel C