The governor of the province of Chaco, Jorge Capitanich, flatly denied having communicated with the detained social leader, Emerenciano Sena, in the midst of the investigation into the disappearance and alleged femicide of Cecilia Strzyzowski. Capitanich described the rumor about said communication as “absolutely false” and asked that unfounded versions not be invented. The provincial leader expressed his solidarity with the family of the missing young woman and expressed his willingness to receive Cecilia’s mother to offer her support.

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At a press conference in Resistencia, Capitanich expressed his desire that the case be clarified and that those responsible be identified with “the full weight of the law” through an independent and autonomous jury trial. The governor stressed that after the complaint, seven people were immediately arrested with due process and reaffirmed the autonomy and independence of the prosecutor and the Judiciary in the development of the investigation.

In addition, Capitanich denied having made “transfers” to the group led by Emerenciano Sena and denied having given land to said group. The governor clarified that the property known as Campo Rossi, of 27 hectares, was granted in 2005 by former governor Roy Nikisch, thus denying any connection with said delivery. Likewise, he rejected other false accusations related to the subject of the field, the telephone communication and the resource transfer system.