This Friday the chambermaid Leopoldo Bruglia resolved to reject the request to remove judge María Eugenia Capuchettand for the investigation of the attack on Vice President Cristina Fernández. The request had been made by the president of the Senate herself when criticizing the actions of the judge, who had decided to delegate the case to the prosecutor Carlos Rívolo.

Thus, Capuchetti will continue as judge in the case although the same is delegated to the prosecutor Rívolo. Judge Bruglia considered that Cristina Kirchner’s complaint is due to the disagreement in how the case is being carried out, which cannot be channeled through a challenge, but rather by appealing those suggested measures that were not accepted by the judge.

Even, Judge Bruglia together with the chambermaids Pablo Bertuzzi and Mariano Llorens, members of Chamber I of the Court, did accept in another resolution what Capuchetti had denied as a measure of evidence to the Vice President in the hypothesis of linking the Juntos deputy for el Cambio Gerardo Millman, who is supposed to be in a bar in front of the National Congress and two days before the attack, told two collaborators: “when they kill her I’ll be on my way to the coast.”

Cristina Kirchner’s lawyers had claimed the seizure of the cell phones of the witnesses Ivana Bohdziewicz and Carolina Elizabeth Gómez Mónaco, Millman’s advisers: the Chamber orders the judge to carry out this measure, although previously to carry out other “less harmful” measures such as that of summoning other witnesses to try to corroborate what an adviser to a Frente de Todos legislator denounced.

On this topic: Cristina Kirchner charged Judge Capuchetti and denounced “serious irregularities”

Regarding the challenge for the grounds of lack of impartiality, Judge Bruglia clarified: “for the moment, in the framework of these proceedings, no act on the part of the intervening magistrate can infer an objective and specific fact of partiality”.

Bruglia also described in the ruling as “improper” the words said by the lawyer José Ubeira last Tuesday at the hearing in which he asked to remove the judge: “The relevant thing is that next year he will campaign politically, his son too and He has a daughter who doesn’t leave the house. It is good that the federal courts take due note that if we expose this woman and her family, and tomorrow there is an attack, someone is going to have to take responsibility and we will put Dr. Capuchetti at the head”.

“These inappropriate sayings, recorded in the recording, beyond the value or seriousness that is wanted or can be assigned to them, when they are discharged in the field of an audience, observable in this case, I understand they must be taken into account as antecedent of their actions “, summed up the judge.

Likewise, Bruglia referred to the fact that the judge has recently delegated the case to the prosecutor does not alter the decision at all. The truth is that this measure resolved by the judge was the path she took to try to decompress Cristina Kirchner’s constant questioning of her actions.

So far the case has three people arrested and although there are measures of proof in progress, the prosecutor Carlos Rívolo is already in a position to request the elevation of the case to trial.

Source: NA