In the last hours of the provincial soil, the rains caused an increase in the riverbed, so it is important to take into account the recommendations of the authorities for residents and tourists.

Claudio Vignette, secretary of Risk Management indicated the following points to avoid risks in Cordoba rivers:

  • Monitor the weather in the area: “Permanently see the behavior of the weather within the province. The data is very specific, there are short-term alerts that will tell us precisely where the storm will be and what quadrant it will cover. Whether we avoid going to the river if We have forecasts of a major storm.”

One of the recommended platforms to do this monitoring is National Meteorological Services, via the web or on cell phones.

  • river behavior: “The rivers of Córdoba have a special behavior -unlike other rivers- being that they have a sudden flood as they are high mountain flows.” “What we have to clarify is that many times we are in the spa with full sun but we do not observe the middle and upper basins. There, precipitation can be generated and generate flash floods.”

The channels present certain indicators that mark the beginning of a flood. The factors that we must take into account are: the cloudiness of the water, foam on the shores, the dragging of elements such as tree trunks.

  • Signage and signage: the signage that indicates the depth of the water course must be taken into account. It is important to know if the area has bathers or lifeguards, and try to become familiar with the place.

In some municipalities and communes, warning flags are placed to indicate that it is fast flowing or that, due to bad conditions, it is forbidden to enter the water.

  • Some important tips: “We are also going to consider the intake of alcohol. Just as it makes driving impossible, it does the same when walking. It will seriously affect our reflexes and we will have problems.”

Finally, Vignetta stated that “We must let the rescue be done by professionals. That’s what our volunteer firefighters and specialists are for.”

  • To camp: It is one of the favorite activities in the mountains, but it should never be done on the banks of the watercourses. It is always advisable to choose a place authorized by the municipality or commune, such as campsites, which provide comfort and security during your stay.