There are times when a person is suffering emotional abuse and he is not aware because certain factors prevent detecting the signs that indicate that he is going through this situation. A person who finds himself in this position needs a series of tools to be able to realize what he is experiencing or pay attention to various red flags.


there is no empathy

The inability Thinking about other people’s feelings is a sign of emotional abuse. It is something very simple, someone who does not analyze the damage that her actions generate, will hardly be able to change her bad attitudesTherefore, he hurts the people he loves.

you are not his priority

It is very painful to realize that one of the parties gives everything to make a relationship work and the other person does not make a effort for things to get better. Try to balance the sacrifices what day by day do you do for that person to be well and ask yourself: how many times does he or she has done the same?

You suffer some type of psychological violence

The person who exerts an emotional abuse uses certain instruments to violate your partner through actions that make you feel insufficient or denigrated. In this way, they can manipulate you into submission.


puts you down, humiliates or makes jokes about you in front of people with the aim of make you feel bad. All of us, at some point in our lives, have made a joke to someone in our circle of trust, but it is important that before launching any comment in public, you think about whether you are going to hurt the feelings of that person.

compares you

Surely you have ever compared with another person to make you feel unable and that is a clear sign that they are trying to put you down. Don’t let this happen and put boundaries from the first call for attention.

The people who usually emotionally abusing of the people around them, they need to receive psychological help to detect What causes them to have that behavior? If you are going through an issue like this, seek help from a professional to improve your self esteem and self love because there is the key to everything.

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