This Friday the sad news of the death of a national training great was known, who made adults and children laugh for decades, and dazzled for years with his impeccable and mischievous humor. “Carlitos” Balá as Carlos Salim Balaá Boglich was popularly known, left his mark on the Argentine people as an actor, musician, comedian and presenter.

But not only did it leave its mark on its faithful spectators, but also on those who would become renowned artists for children, as is the case of Piñón Fijo from Córdoba. The famous clown, whose figure today is controversial due to family conflicts, acknowledged his admiration for Balá on numerous occasions.

The two entertainers shared stages, audiences, and created shows together to encourage boys and girls (and the not so young ones too). Throughout the artistic career of both, Balá with more experience, and Fijo with her particular and colorful show, they maintained a bond on and off stage.

We share a show from 2006 where both characters shone, and Carlitos Balá dazzled once again at 81 years old: