Carlos Baute and Marta Sánchez surprised the crew of a plane and had an incredible moment on top of the plane. It all started when in the middle of the trip the plane began to shake as a result of the turbulence they faced during the flight. Given the restlessness and nerves that the passengers were experiencing, one of the stewardesses suggested that the artists sing a song to bring a little peace of mind to those present.

The singers did not hesitate for a second, they got up from their seats and went to the cabin of the stewardess where the microphone was located. At that moment they began to sing their hit “Hung on your hands” and managed to defuse the situation.

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It was Carlos Baute himself, who published the video of the moment in which he starred with Marta Sánchez on his Instagram account. “We were on a plane and strong turbulence began, when the movement stopped, the stewardess (in a good way) told us: Why don’t they sing a song and that way people have a better time!!! Marta and I looked at each other and said: Why not? You’ll see the rest in the video!” the artist wrote.

Watch the video here: