More than a year after the death of former President Carlos Saúl Menem, his son Carlos Nair filed a criminal complaint against Zulemita for alleged irregularities in the succession. Yesterday afternoon, Nair aired on Karina Mazzocco’s program (on América TV) and referred to the donations that the former president made to his daughter Zulema before her death.

“I feel hurt and betrayed by a person I did not expect,” said the former president’s son. Nair stated that he had been working illegally for his sister, and that after agreeing on his vacations the day after they began, they told him that he was not going to work anymore and that he was not going to receive that month’s salary. “They cut off her salary and accused me of stealing a cell phone. I wrote to her and she didn’t answer me anymore,” he said.

“They can accuse me of whatever they want. Steal a cell phone? Not crazy,” said Nair. Regarding the irregularities for which he initiated legal actions, he stated: “I ask for what corresponds to me. I’m not asking for anything from the other world.”

What is the crime for which Carlos denounces Zulema?

Carlos denounces his sister for the crime of Circumvention of the Incapable. It is a legal figure that appears in the Penal Code of our country (ar. 174 inc. 2º CP) that supposes abusing the needs, passions or inexperience of a minor or an incapacitated person, declared or not, to make him sign a document that imports any legal effect, to the detriment of him or another, even when the act is civilly null.