The city of Villa Nueva already has everything ready to receive the carnival on the days February 3, 4 and 5. It will be a whole weekend of pure dancing and fun in the town that has been preparing for those three days of festivities for a whole year.

In dialogue with Canal C, the mayor of the aforementioned town, Natalio Graglia, said that “This is the 36th edition of the Carnival that is going to be held in Villa Nueva, it is the most popular party in the city. Besides, it contains important social work. The costumes, the staging, everything is generated in Villa Nueva and we have decided to train ourselves. This training has allowed us to raise the level of the comparsas and batucadas”.

In addition, the official stressed that the call “It generates work, social support. The kids have practically no unemployment, the carnival ends and they are already beginning to design what will be the carnival for the following year.”

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Although the event represents three particular neighborhoods of the city and has tourists from all over Córdoba, especially Villa María, “If one looks back at the comparsas, they are made up of citizens from all over the city. It is a very strong integration.”

The turnout is approximately 20,000 people per night, With free entry. The call begins at 22 hours

Graglia’s words below:

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