The program “Córdoba votes, Justice informs, promoted by the judiciary, is in charge of informing citizens about the electoral process and how to vote in the city of Córdoba and the towns in the interior of the province where there are judicial offices. There is more of 300 points for the people of Cordoba to consult. The magistrates and employees of the Judiciary are in charge of answering the doubts that citizens have. This work outside of their working hours and free of charge. The program will run until June 23.

Carolina Farmresponsible for the program, highlighted the misinformation that covers the population regarding the elections in Córdoba, such as what positions are chosen and above all, the use of the Single Vote Ballot (BUS). An important fact is that minors between the ages of 16 and 17 were the ones who showed the greatest interest in the electoral process, since this age group can optionally exercise their right.

In an exclusive interview with Canal C, the director of the Institute for Justice Systems Management (IGSJ), Carolina Granja, gave us details.

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