Days after Vice President Cristina Kirchner was sentenced to 6 years in prison, prosecutor Diego Luciani was attacked in a restaurant in Mar del Plata. Luciani suffered a verbal aggression in a restaurant in Mar del Plata. It happened during the long weekend in one of the fashionable places of the city, which is called about Fran, in the port area. He had gone to eat with his wife and two other couples. They had a reservation.

“Coming here… I want to vomit. Coming here… you disgust me…”, a lady in a green shirt who was at one of the tables near the prosecutor’s would have told him.

Given the discomfort, Luciani and his group of people decided to leave the premises. That was when the woman got up to rebuke him. “History is going to condemn you,” she yelled at him. She even tried to hit him, a situation that was prevented by another person.

The lady who attacked the prosecutor was sitting next to artemio lopez, one of the consultants who surveys opinion for Kirchnerism. López is a regular in Mar del Plata and usually moves between Punta Mogotes and the Port. After the first assault, López began writing on his cell phone and recording audios, saying bad words, according to a witness’s account to local media.

Faced with this situation, Luciani, his wife and their friends decided to leave the place.