Cecilia Strzyzowski (28) She has been missing since June 1, that day her boyfriend, who is also the son of one of the most important piqueteros in the country, Cesar Sena (19), picked her up in his vehicle from her great-aunt’s house. Supposedly, they had ushuaia planned. However, the young woman disappeared and her traces have not yet been found. Today, her partner along with seven other suspects are accused of “femicide” and “disappearance of a person”

Gloria Romero (53), mother of the victim, has published a video through her social networks demanding justice: “I want this to arrive, please make it viral. We need the Nation to send us more computer experts, more dogs, more technical resources so that the cause advances”, demanded the woman at the beginning of her statement. Next, she made a request to Alberto Fernández, “And please we need the President to make the province is intervened because Justice is not independent“.

The woman warns the president that it is not about political persecution “because the president belongs to the same party as the governor (Jorge Capitanich) of the province (Chaco).” The victim’s mother once again asked the head of state to “please intervene in the province and ensure that Justice is independent and please send the resources we need”. Finally, he insisted on the claim: “We need more technicians, more resources and the prosecutor’s office too.”

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