The goal of the day is to create a platform for piano-related projects to promote the development of musical dimensions and continue to share the centuries-old joy of playing the piano.

The date takes place on the 88th day of each year, since 88 are the keys that make up a piano as we know it today, which was created at the end of the 19th century.

For this reason, based on the number of piano keys, when it is a leap year, Piano Day is celebrated on March 28 and not 29. Although the date of the celebration of this day has been chosen by its symbolism, it is worth mentioning different anniversaries that curiously have occurred on March 29 and maintain a close relationship with the piano, since several prestigious composers and performers of music for the piano died on March 29: Charles Villiers Stanford (1924) , Karol Maciej Szymanowski (1937), Willem Andriessen (1964), Carl Orff (1982), and John Lewis (2001).

Within the framework of this date, Córdoba Cultura Agency joins this celebration with a performance where 16 great pianists, both from Córdoba capital and from the interior, will delight in a piano marathon for more than 8 hours in the open air and for the entire public , With free entry.

How is piano day celebrated around the world?

Piano Day is a day specially designed to promote the development of initiatives and projects related to this musical instrument. It should be noted that World Piano Day even has its own website: Piano Day. This page works as a platform capable of uniting all those people of any age and origin to share their passion for the piano.

This website is a very interesting resource, since on it you can find everything from playlists with a selection of piano music available to anyone to solidarity projects related to this instrument. One of these solidarity initiatives contemplates the possibility of giving a new life to disused pianos to make them reach those people who do not have the possibility of acquiring their own piano. In addition, on this website you can check the list of events planned in different parts of the world to commemorate this World Piano Day. Take advantage of the opportunity and find out if there is an event scheduled near where you are. Happy Piano Day 2022!