Victoria Flores, president of the Ente de Servicios y Obras Públicas de la ciudad de Córdoba (COyS), told Channel C through Nacho Cadario what the process of literacy and training in trades that is carried out with the city ​​racers.

The “dry routes” include “all the people who have always dedicated themselves to the collection of dry waste outside the home and green centers. From this survey 322 people emerged, some of whom do not even have the cycle of basic literacy,” explains Flores.

To this is added that “We began to work with them based on the experience of the pilot test that we did in the Rancagua Transfer Center”, to provide “training and training; and in the delivery of modern tools to continue managing the routes dry. It was a very successful result”.

Victoria Flores clarified that the intention of the Municipality is not only “to add value to the dry waste, but we also emphasize green jobs”, with the aim that these workers become formal in stages. There will be 192 informal workers who, at the end of the plan, must deliver their cars and in return will receive new vehicles that do not use blood traction.

Another important point is that these people must also attend training and thus obtain a monthly stimulus scholarship of 25,000 pesos.

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