The split of the Frente de Todos in the Senate of the Nation unleashed a scandal. The ruling bloc divided to add one more representative to the body, in charge of electing and sanctioning the judges.

Luis Juez, Senator for Córdoba, criticized the vice president and argued that the maneuver “strips what they are capable of doing.” “It’s an institutional piece of paper, they are cheats by nature,” he said.

The judge also affirmed that Cristina Kirchner’s strategy is to guarantee her impunity: “This highlights this woman’s fear of going to jail, the fear that the Justice will investigate her.”

And he added that with this maneuver, the head of the Senate of the Nation seeks to “put friends of power in bacchanal places that Justice has so that they end up dismissing her, acquitting her or annulling investigations that have her as the main person responsible.”

In addition, the official referred to the possibility of who will occupy that place: “They are going to delay the issue, if the issue was already controversial before. She’s going to buy time.” “I told the senators: ‘What do you propose to me? If Cristina is not going to want me to reach the Judicial Council,’ because I don’t marry anyone,” he said.

Source: The Twelve