The vice president’s lawyers Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner They asked the court to No the attempted murder case is brought to trial. They requested that the evidence presented be taken to further the investigation. In addition, they made a “reservation of the federal case” in case they obtain a negative response to their request, this would imply that they will go to the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation.

The request was made by the lawyers José Manuel Ubeira and Marcos Aldazabal, who do not agree with the decision of the prosecutor Carlos Rívolo to send Fernando Sabag Montiel, Brenda Uliarte and Nicolás Carrizo (head of the “Banda de los Copitos” to trial). ).

“We have come to point out extremely relevant information for this cause and to request the urgent production of evidence. It is evident that the evidence produced in the ‘Federal Revolution’ case reinforces what was said by this party by opposing the elevation to trial: every day new evidence appears, this case is in full swing and raising it is nothing more than consecrating impunity,” the lawyers said.