Carlos Beraldi, the lawyer for Vice President Cristina Fernández, will have three days in October to give his plea and respond to the prosecutor’s accusation in the Road Case. The former president was placed sixth in the total of 13 defendants according to alphabetical order. The arguments will be virtually although a defender can request to be in person.

“It is recalled that, as decided in the aforementioned resolution, the opportunity to materialize their final presentations will be in an immediate successive and continuous order. This is that, regardless of the number of hearings that it takes (of the three days assigned as a maximum limit ) to each of the parties for their argument, in the hearing immediately after each conclusion, the floor will be given to the defense that continues in the indicated order“, clarified the Court.

During Carlos Beraldi’s statement, it is not ruled out that the vice president herself will take the floor, a possibility that will be taken into account until the last moment. Before the turn of Cristina Fernández’s defense, the former Santa Cruz provincial road officials and also the former Minister of Federal Planning, Julio De Vido, will allege.

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