On Wednesday afternoon Jey Mammón published a strong disclaimer on her social networks to defend himself against Lucas Benvenuto’s accusation. The young man, who is currently 30 years old, denounced that he was sexually abused by the driver in 2006, when he was 14. About this, the artist was forceful in a video that he published on social networks: “I did not rape, I did not abuse, I never drugged anyone. Never in my life, nor have I done it, nor would I do it, nor will I do it. I strongly deny it.”

In the 7-minute video, Jey Mammón assures that he is innocent and that he will request a Truth Trial to prove that the complaint is false. After remarking that he will not accept any type of arrangement or pact between the parties, he stated: “The damage that is being done to me is so enormous that I need the trial of the truth. I need it and the elements are there so that I can carry it out”.

Jey Mammón had a group of friends who refused to believe the accusations and stood firm with him. The one who surprised the most was undoubtedly the singer Chano Carpentier, who recently returned to the stage after spending a delicate moment of health. In the comments of the video, he wrote: “We believe you friend.”

Chano Carpentier’s support for his close friend Jey Mammón is surprising, given that many of the driver’s acquaintances sided with the victim, despite ties of many years.