Marina Charpentier, Chano’s mother, targeted the mayor of Morón for the brochures they distributed at a solidarity festival giving recommendations to those who would take drugs at the event.

Chano's mother questioned the drug campaign launched in Morón • Channel C

In dialogue with Modo Fontevecchia, the artist’s mother stated: “As the mother of a family with addiction problems where we have suffered, because families of addicts suffer suffering that I do not wish on anyone…. and you never know what person is going to become addicted after consuming joint or cocaine”.

In addition, the woman who is battling her son’s addiction explained that she is against the legalization of drugs. “I think it’s a premeditated thing, that they really want to go for the legalization of drugs and that is not understood in a context where young people are without education, without work, wanting to leave the country and they have no hope, they have no future.”

Finally Marina requested the resignation of Mayor Lucas Ghi. “I think it’s outrageous, it’s unacceptable; I think the mayor should resign,” she said.