Charly García, legend of Argentine music, turns 71 and in many parts of the country they decided to honor him, even some neighbors celebrated it on the corner of his house. Singer-songwriter, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and record producer, García became one of the most important and influential figures not only in the history of music in Argentina, but also in Latin America.

Born in Buenos Aires, he transcended generations, historical moments in Argentina and much more through his songs that brought together hundreds of thousands of fans. Fame and explosion within the environment came when he was still a teenager, during the 1960s, when he founded Sui Generis. With that band, Charly García released three albums. Prior to his release as a solo artist, Charly was also a part of PorSuiGieco, The bird making machine and Serú Girán.

Returning to the present, and almost 60 years after becoming one of the leading figures in the country, Charly García turns 71 and his music is more alive than ever: he is in full production of his new album, about which he announced that it will be called La scorpion logic.