A few weeks after confirming their romance, China Suárez and Rusherking are inseparable. Not only do they accompany each other in their respective artistic careers, but after enjoying some trips alone, the young people undertook a family vacation to Disney, accompanied by the actress’s children: Rufina, the result of her relationship with Nicolás Cabré, Magnolia and Amancio , the boys she had with Benjamín Vicuña.

The five were seen at the Ezeiza International Airport on Monday night, the 18th, and after checking in, they boarded the plane bound for Orlando, Florida. There, they will not only enjoy the attractions that the famous amusement park has for adults and children, but they will also celebrate the 9th birthday of Rufina, who blew out the candles in Buenos Aires, but will be able to continue with the celebrations together with the characters of the mickey mouse company