China Suarez is once again in the eye of the storm after Wanda Nara will tell a show program that China wrote to her husband again. As told on the air in the Rodrigo Lussich and Adrián Pallares program (show partners), the actress had tried to communicate with Mauro Icardi through the cell phone of one of his best friends, the godfather of one of his children Marcelo La Torre.

The drivers of the cycle explained that the actress uses intermediaries because Icardi has her blocked from all her social networks. It was even Wanda herself who said that China had already tried to communicate with the PSG footballer through the cell phone of her hairdresser, Juan Manuel Cativa.

Asked about the scandal, Wanda Nara said: “I know it’s handled like this. It’s not the first time. Mauro shows me everything and tells me. He doesn’t care about anything, he hurt many families. I’m very feminist, but this is bad mine. I expect the worst from her. I only trust the love of my family. Let it be handled as you want, for me the issue is closed. “

China Suarez wrote to Icardi again and Wanda Nara exploded • Channel C

The chat between Luli Fernández and Wanda Nara about the messages from China to Icardi.