The courtship between China Suárez and Rusherking is serious. Almost six months after his confirmation, young people are more in love than ever. In a short time they shared several trips, for work and for pleasure, public events, outings with Rufina, Magnolia and Amancio —her children—, but when it came to expressing her love they limited themselves to saying “I love you”.

However, while working in Qatar, the actress decided to surprise her boyfriend with a forceful public statement and had a parade placed in front of the building where she lives. “Nothing separates me from you. Can I tell you that I love you? Chinita”, was the message that she captured on the poster and made the singer from Santiago move.

“Today I had a bad day and you changed it for me in a second. What a beautiful surprise. You are the most beautiful thing that exists. I also love you very much my love,” Rusherking wrote in his Instagram stories, along with a photo of the parade. While China replied: “I’ve been dead with you since the first day. It’s so that it’s very clear to you.”

Hours before, the singer had shared with his followers another message that the actress left him: “I love you very much. Thank you for being so good (Don’t be scared, I’m not asking you to marry). So that every time you read it you remember my”. In addition, the young man expressed how much he misses her, since unlike other times, he could not accompany her on her trip abroad.

China Suárez's tender demonstration of love for Rusherking • Canal C