The North Market carried out a price survey to determine how much, on average, a barbecue or snack could cost for ten people who want to get together to watch a 2022 World Cup game.

As posted at the beginning of the month with its ‘roasted index’, a barbecue would cost approximately $10,890. This includes coal (4 kg); wine (3 bottles); soft drinks (2 bottles of 2 liters); steer meat (5 kg – does not specify the type of cut); salad (lettuce and tomato); French bread (1/2 kg); ice cream (10 chocolate sticks). Each: $1,089.

On the other hand, a cheaper option would be a snack with cheeses and cold cuts, also for a group of ten diners: the total average would be $6,860. This “chopped basket” is made up of pategras cheese (500 grams); mortadella (500 grams); olives (500 grams); raw ham (300 grams); cologne salami (2 units); cooked ham (500 grams); beer (3 liters). Each: $686.

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