It was a quiet working day for Lucca Nievas and Samu Báez, musicians and employees of the music store Stage Music (CABA), when suddenly Chris Martin, singer of Coldplay, accompanied by a man and a woman from his team, entered through the door to buy a guitar.

According to the story of both, the British in the area and had entered another music store, but they did not attend him and he arrived at the store in Talcahuano at 140.

Samu didn’t recognize him right away, but she peeked out again. “At the touch I went out and when we made eye contact, he sees me”, recalled the drummer. Chris Martin gave him a thumbs up and the boy had no more doubts. Him “He came in and said he was looking for a guitar. We could not believe it, we were both in shock, “said the young man.

We didn’t know what to offer him and he came and greeted usLucca recounted. “On top of that, she was telling Chris that two days ago he had gone to see River and he was like, ‘Oh, thank you, thank you very much.’ She grabbed a guitar from the ones that are hanging, she liked one and took it with her. It was a Yamaha acoustic, the last one left. It wasn’t the most expensive.

Martin wanted to buy an acoustic Yamaha for 130,000 pesos. “We don’t know why he liked that one. Clearly, he was not looking for an instrument, he was going through life spreading happiness to people, ”said Samu. To add details to the anecdote, “the card bounced(Chris Martin did not have the DNI and the postnet did not work. He did not arrive with the cash, the person who was with him had to give his card. Then he joked, ‘guys, keep the change,'” Samu said.

To crown the day, they ended up playing together of light music of Soda Stereo, one of Oasis and Isn’t she lovely, by StevieWonder. One of them took the bass, another the drums, and Chris sang, played the guitar and the piano.