A week after the traditional date to assemble the classic Christmas tree, the Córdoba Chamber of Commerce carried out a survey to update the values ​​of the typical accessories that are part of the pine tree that many take as an inevitable ritual at home. The study considered the assembly of a basic tree and a complete tree.

In the first case, the cost is $10,413.73 and is made up of a medium structure of 0.90 x1.50 meters with led lights (50) of colors and white, twelve metallic balls, shiny garlands and a medium star of 17.5x12cm.

Meanwhile, the complete tree has a value of $16,393.00. Regarding the items mentioned, double the number of lights and add six bells, a boot ornament, a 45cm Christmas wreath, a simple 18x25cm nativity scene, a ribbon garland and a chain garland.

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Thus, the average cost to put up a Christmas tree in Córdoba is $13,403.37: the increases in these items start from 95% compared to 2021.

When searching in the Google search engine, these are the prices of the items individually, in case the person has to consider one or more of the accessories that are usually placed in the decoration of the Holidays (considering the first options that appear at search for each item and that prices vary by store, quality, and brand):

You can get lights from $990: the average is $1,505.89
Set of 12 spheres: they are available from $790; the average is 1,381.5 pesos.
Garlands will vary in price depending on several factors: length, material, additional accessories, and built-in light. They are available from $399 on the internet, with prices as high as $40,000.
The star that crowns the Christmas tree also varies in price depending on the material and whether or not it includes light.