Christmas sales in SME retailers fell 1.8% compared to last year, at constant prices, as reported today by the Argentine Confederation of Medium Enterprises (CAME).

The average ticket was located at $9,410 with the highest amount in Audio, video, cell phones and accessories ($10,985) and the lowest in Bookstores ($5,222), the entity specified.

“Beyond the restrictions on the family budget that have been discouraging retail sales, this Christmas there were fewer business days to make purchases compared to last year, a situation that partly explains this result,” the CAME considered.

In this sense, he explained that the holiday on Tuesday the 20th for the title of the Argentine National Team in the Qatar 2022 World Cup and the final on Sunday, December 18, removed days of consumption.

“There was not enough time to buy”, were some repeated phrases and it was reflected in the fact that on Saturday the 24th the number of people buying from very early to late afternoon was unprecedented.

Of the six major items surveyed, Cosmetics and Perfumery (+2.1%), Audio, video, cell phone equipment and accessories (+4.2%) and Toy stores (+3.4%) grew and Footwear fell (-5 .1%), clothing (-14.4%) and bookstores (-7.5%).

This Christmas, 76.8% of the businesses measured did the same or better than expected, 3.6 percentage points above last year (73.2%), although it did indicate that expectations for these holidays were moderate.

Main comments made by the businesses consulted:

-Clothing, Lingerie and accessories: the item fell 14.4% at constant prices compared to the same date in 2021 and one of the most mentioned complaints in large cities was the sharp increase in illegal sales.

-Home appliances and electronic items: the sector had an increase of 4.2% at constant prices compared to the same date in 2021

-Shoes and Leather Goods: sales fell 5.1% at constant prices and 79% of businessmen consulted said they were affected by the World Cup.

-Cosmetics and Perfumery: the increase was 2.1% at constant prices compared to the same date in 2021 and 89.2% of the stores said they had sold the same or more than expected

-Toy stores: 3.4% more was sold than in 2021, at constant prices, and only 57% of the businesses made any promotion in an area that is usually active in offers for special dates.

-Bookstores: sales fell 7.5% at constant prices, always compared to the same date in 2021, although 73% of the stores did the same or better than expected. Only 38% of the businesses in this category made promotions and the sale on time and as a last option was generally highlighted.