Google Chrome, the most used web browser on Android, has just announced through its official blog a new function in incognito mode to make it more secure. With the new update that they plan to release very soon, users will be able to protect incognito tabs with their fingerprint.

From these changes, people will be able to protect their incognito tabs, since the browser itself will automatically block them when you leave it. In order to unlock them you must use your usual unlocking method, be it fingerprint, PIN, pattern or password.

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To activate this new function of Google Chrome you must follow these simple steps:

1.Open the Google Chrome app on your Android mobile

2.Click on the icon of the three vertical dots that is located in the upper right corner of the application

3.Tap on the Settings button

4. Enter the Privacy and security section

5.Finally, enable the option Block incognito tabs when you exit Chrome

Once you have done each of these steps, when you exit Chrome the incognito tabs will be automatically locked and when you reopen it you will see a screen with a button to unlock them.