Caminos de las Sierras completed the road doubling work for the internal collector of Circunvalación avenue, in the northwest arc of the city of Córdoba, between the roundabouts located at the intersection with Av. Piamonte and the street that connects to the Bridge 15. With this work, there are now two lanes per direction of traffic in this entire section, which provides greater agility and security in access to the new Bustos Park that is about to be inaugurated. The new road has an extension of 850 meters, eight meters wide, lateral curbs and a sidewalk of three meters.

In addition to the new road, drainage works were carried out that included a gutter cord and drains. A retaining wall with stone gabions 200 meters long and variable height was also built. The project also included the expansion of the access street to Bridge 15 from the Circunvalación collector in a 150-meter section. An additional lane was built that has a ditch and sidewalk.

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As part of the work carried out, the lighting of the entire new section of collector and the access street to the parks was carried out. The road doubling work of the internal collector of Circunvalación avenue, in the northwestern arc of the city of Córdoba, represents an important advance for vehicular circulation and road safety in the area, which will benefit all citizens who transit by this important road artery.