Cyrus Pertossi 22 years old, one of the eight rugby players tried in the Courts of Dolores for the crime of Fernando Baez Sosacommitted on January 18, 2020 in Villa Gesell, broke the silence on Tuesday to declare that he did not kick the victim and that he “stopped” when he saw her lying on the floor at the door of the “Le Brique” nightclub “.

The older of the two Pertossi brothers – the other is 21-year-old Luciano – asked to speak at a time when a video of the attack was played in the courtroom: “This boy is me and I would like to clarify that I do not give that kick and that when I realize that the boy is on the floor I stop before,” He said pointing with a pointer at his image on the screen.

In his brief presentation, the defendant also referred to the audio that he sent to his friends after the attack through the WhatsApp group “Los Boca3”, in which he is heard saying: “Guys, don’t tell anyone about this.”

“I want to clarify that when I was looking at the phone, one of the boys said that there is already a stir in Zárate, that we had fought. I didn’t want my parents to find out that we had a fight.“He pointed out to the judges.

Later, the defendant refused to answer questions from the prosecution and the lawyers of the individual victim.

The president of the Oral Criminal Court 1, María Claudia Castro, asked him if there was any issue on which he was willing to answer questions, to which Pertossi said no.Therefore, his exhibition was terminated.

Ciro Pertossi is the third defendant who asked to testify before the judges after his brother, Luciano Pertossi (21) did so last week, and this Tuesday Máximo Thomsen (23).

After his brief speech, Pablo Rodríguez Romeo, a computer engineer specializing in digital forensic analysis, testified as a witness, called by the defense, who questioned the actions in which the defendants’ cell phones were seized, since “the chain of custody was broken from the beginning”.

He also referred to alleged irregularities committed at the time of the data extraction carried out by the Argentine Federal Police, because “did not comply with the protocols”, At the same time, he assured that “messages were deleted from the phones after the kidnapping.”

For the day, it is expected that the mothers of Enzo Comelli (22), María Alejandra Guillén, and Ayrton Viollaz (23), Erika Pizzatti, and the father of Matías Benicelli (23), Héctor Eduardo Benicelli, and that of Luciano, will also testify and Ciro Pertossi, Mauro Pertossi.

These testimonies were initially scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, but they were brought forward at the request of the defense and, in that change, that of Ana María Tártara, mother of Lucas Pertossi (23), was withdrawn, who would thus be the only defendant of whom no relative will testify straight.

is also quoted Andres Santiago Martinassistant officer who intervened in the transcription of an audio of the cash Maximiliano Rosso Suárez, who assisted the victim after the attack in front of the “Le Brique” nightclub.

They will also declare Maria del Carmen Badaloni, head of the psychology section of the La Plata Expert Advisory, and Agustín Costa Shaw, a clinical psychologist who took part in the supplementary criminal investigation and who was offered in March 2022 by the defense, in charge of Hugo Tomei as a party witness in a psychological and psychiatric expertise to which the defendants finally did not agree to submit due to lack of “confidence” in the judicial process.

That refusal of the defendants to that expert opinion ten months ago unleashed a counterpoint between Tomei and the individual victim on Monday, which questioned the value of Shaw’s testimony.

The discrepancy regarding the statement or not of this witness will be resolved today by the members of the court, sources close to the cause indicated.