Clara Chía and Gerard Piqué have been in the eye of the storm for several weeks after Shakira will publish her new hit, session music #53 with Bizarrap. Since then, the ex-soccer player’s girlfriend has tried to keep a much lower profile.

Finally, yesterday the couple decided to take a walk through the streets of Spain, but on the way they were approached by a reporter from Europa Pass. The journalist approached Chía to consult the latest rumors referring to an alleged hospitalization that she would have had due to an anxiety attack that she had recently suffered, however in the whirlwind of escaping from the press the young woman hit herself with a sign.

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The video went viral on the networks in a matter of minutes and users did not forgive Piqué’s girlfriend, to whom they dedicated dozens of memes. Below we show you the best memes left by this little Chía blooper.