The Government of the Province, through the new Law on Industrial Promotion and Development of Productive Clusters No. 10,792, encourages the creation of clusters, promoting especially those associative groups considered strategic by virtue of their capacity to generate employment and their export potential in accordance with the new Córdoba 2030 Productive Matrix.

The meeting that took place this Tuesday was attended by the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Mining, Eduardo Accastello; the Secretary of Industry, Fernando Sibilla; and the president of the Córdoba Culture Agency, Raúl Sansica.

The purpose of esye Cluster is to generate common objectives, with a strategic plan and a collective and collaborative construction within an economic framework that links the public, private and academic sectors to transform the reality of the sector.

Minister Eduardo Accastello expressed: “Córdoba is a benchmark for creativity, content, and this is possible due to Cordoba’s human talent, which is the backbone of any forward-looking Productive Matrix.” “Collaborative actions and active listening are the basis of a cluster for internationalization, competitiveness, innovation, sustainability, territorial, cultural and productive development of Córdoba, gender equality and also for the generation of employment”.

Finally, the Minister stressed that what we have to do is “gather the virtuosity of the sector and promote the different cultural expressions to give it value and to be valued internationally”.

Later, the Secretary of Industry pointed out that this first meeting “its objective is to make a leap in quality, look for new alternatives and innovate, working together and transversally”.

For his part, the president of the Córdoba Culture Agency indicated: “For us, who have been working for the development of our arts and our culture for so many years, it is important that the Ministry of Industry of the Province include this sector because it means more economic development, more employment, more culture and better quality of life for our community.

“It is essential to take steps that allow us to meet and associate. We have been doing it for years through programs, laws, public policies. It is essential to articulate together the thousands of professionals, artists, public officials and representatives of the private and independent sector, to disseminate and consolidate these policies together”, Raúl Sansica stated.