The national government will not abide by the ruling of the Supreme Court that restored co-participation funds to the City of Buenos Aires, considering that “it is impossible to comply” and “has a unitary view” of Argentina.

The official text specifies: “The President of the Nation has decided to instruct the competent bodies of the National State to challenge the members of the Supreme Court and to present the request for revocation ‘in extremis’ of the precautionary resolution issued.”

The joint document was released six hours after the meeting at the Government House ended, which was attended by 10 provincial leaders and four virtually.

The document bears the signature of the governors Axel Kicillof (Buenos Aires), Gildo Insfrán (Formosa), Raúl Jalil (Catamarca), Osvaldo Jaldo (Tucumán), Gustavo Bordet (Entre Ríos), Ricardo Quintela (La Rioja), Sergio Uñac ( San Juan), Gerardo Zamora (Santiago del Estero), Mariano Arcioni (Chubut), Sergio Ziliotto (La Pampa), Alberto Rodríguez Saá (San Luis), Jorge Capitanich (Chaco), Gustavo Melella (Tierra del Fuego) and Alicia Kirchner ( Santa Cruz).

“The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, without founding the way in which it builds said amount, decides to increase that percentage to 2.95; that is, it grants the City of Buenos Aires more than 180 billion additional pesos to those it already receives,” the statement said.

They also recalled that “currently, according to law 27,606 in force and approved by the National Congress in 2020, the City of Buenos Aires receives, as it has done since 2002, the equivalent of 1.4% of the total the co-participating funds and, in addition, the amount equivalent to the cost of operating the police of the City of Buenos Aires that was transferred to it in 2016”.