This Wednesday the presidents of the UCR, the Civic Coalition and Federal Republican Meeting they claimed the PRO to decide as soon as possible what to do with the income Jose Luis Espert to Together for Change.

“Attentive to the resolution adopted by the National Council of the PRO yesterday and being the founding parties of Together for Change (UCR, CC and ERF) we ask the PRO to decide, peremptorily, on the integration of Avanza Libertad and Jose Luis Espert” they affirmed.

After the PRO analyzed this Tuesday night the entry of espertthe other three central parties of the opposition front emphasized: “This request is due to the fact that We have been pending this resolution for more than a month and we are close to carrying out our party instances to ratify and/or define the framework of alliances”.

“Argentina needs a united, plural and responsible JxC, focused on the problems that Argentines are going through and not on internal or sterile sectarianism. With the same vocation of 2015 and 2019, let us expand our space to beat Kirchnerism and begin to lay the foundations of a true consistent and sustainable change over time”, they stressed in a statement.

The message was signed by Gerardo Morales (UCR), Maximiliano Ferraro (CCARI) and Miguel Ángel Pichetto (ERF).