After almost three weeks in Buenos Aires, the British band Coldplay said goodbye to Argentina after filling ten River Plate stadiums. By way of thanks, the four musicians made an emotional post on social networks. Additionally, drummer Jon Buckland and Chris Martin were interviewed by Juana Viale and Bebe Contempomi.

“Thank you all for being here, thank you for all the concerts. I don’t want to leave,” said the singer in his last show.

Then, on Twitter, the band posted a few words to the Argentine public: “It’s hard to put into words how special these shows have been. From our amazing guests to the warmth and generosity of the city and of course the amazing fans, we have been proud to call Buenos Aires “home” for the last two weeks. Thanks Total. WX”.

In turn, singer Chris Martin and drummer Jon Buckland agreed to an exclusive interview with Juana Viale and Bebe Contempomi for Canal Trece, which will be broadcast in its entirety next Sunday on the table.

In a brief preview, the band leader explained the happiness he felt at each show and what Argentina means to them: “For us as a band when we play here, it’s like charging the phone with energy. It gives us everything we need to go to the rest of the world.”