This Sunday, October 23, the fifth and last edition of “Collectivities in your Neighborhood” will be held, organized by the Municipality of Córdoba, through the Directorate of Accompaniment and Support for Immigrants of the Secretariat of Planning, Modernization and International Relations.

In this way, from 12 noon the General Paz neighborhood will dress up to celebrate its latest edition on David Luque Street 42, at the headquarters of the Helvetian Mutual Aid Society of Córdoba.

It is worth mentioning that on this occasion the host groups will be the Helvetian Society, the Community of Czechs and Slovaks, Andalusian Center, Galician House, Murcian Center and Spain House will be in charge of the gastronomic and cultural proposals, showing in every detail their art, history and other identity traits.

Through four weekends, more than 6,000 residents have already enjoyed the various proposals carried out by the different communities that took place in the streets of the Alberdi, Centro and Pueyrredón neighborhoods.

Each one of these celebrations made the meeting possible, making possible the visibility, and the accompaniment to the collectivities and communities of our city.