The next quarter comes with a salary increase for commerce employees, after the agreement reached by the Argentine Confederation of Medium Enterprises (CAME), the Argentine Chamber of Commerce and Services (CAC), the Union of Argentine Commercial Entities (UDECA) and the Argentine Federation of Commerce and Services Employees (FAECyS).

As reported, it was agreed recompose the calculation base establishing an increase for July taking the basic values ​​for June increased by a 4.5% originated by the difference of the inflation indices of the quarter April June and on the result22.5% will be applied to you for the quarter July – September to be paid as follows: 7.5% since July, 7.5% since August and 7.5% since September non-remunerative non-cumulative. All these increases are based on the calculation of the new basic remuneration of July 2023. The aforementioned non-remunerative amounts will be incorporated into the scales for the month of October 2023, at their nominal value.

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In addition, it was clarified that the agreement is valid from July 1, 2023 and until March 31, 2024, notwithstanding which the parties agreed to meet in October 2023 to analyze the economic variations that may have occurred.

The increases in the agreement in question are not binding for the salary agreements that could be signed in the area of ​​the city of Río Grande, province of Tierra del Fuego, without prejudice to the fact that the amounts resulting from the agreed increases constitute the conventional minimum in force as of the homologation.