This Thursday, the Minister of Government and Security, Julian Lopez; together with the Secretary of Security, Claudio Stampalija; and the mayor Juan Manuel Llamosasled the delivery of 37 community alarm kits to families in the city of Fourth quarter.

The initiative is part of Comprehensive Plan for Citizen Security and Crime Prevention, who carries out the Ministry of Government and Securityin conjunction with the Ministry of Community Engagement. In this case, the measure benefits some 1,500 families. they surrendered pushbuttons to neighbors of the neighborhoods San Pablo, Casasnovas, Bimaco, Jardín, Pueblo Alberdi, San Martín, and Cispren II, adding an important crime prevention tool.

the minister Lopez stressed: “The truth is that this would not be possible without the solidarity of the neighbors who today defy difficult times and make themselves available to the community. In addition, I want to tell you that we are going to add 60 more kits so that another 2,400 families can have this tool”.

For his part, flaming indicated that, “Despite the fact that the country is experiencing a complex crisis that generates poverty and inequality and insecurity, from the Government of Río Cuarto we do not look to the side, and we work together with the provincial government and the Police. In 2018, we were the first city to launch the Monitoring Center, and currently, with 214 cameras working, we continue to contribute to the prevention and resolution of crimes. The Neighborhood Councils allow us direct action in the territory with the entire social network, neighbors, glasses of milk and churches“. The mayor added that, with the incorporation of community alarms, the city adds one more tool to combat insecurity.

To its turn, stampalija detailed: “It is estimated that, on average, 60% of the criminal act is deterred when the property owner is using and controlling a community alarm, which is why these devices are so important. Now 37 have been installed, and 23 next week to complete the 60 that will benefit 2,400 families”.

The Minister was accompanied by the General Director of the Government Delegation of Córdoba in Río Cuarto, Samantha David; the delegate of the Ministry of Government, Robert Koch; the Deputy Director General of South Departments, Gustavo Della Mea; the Director of the Departmental Río Cuarto, Augustin Torres; legislator Leandro Carpintero; the Chief of Cabinet Coordination, Julian Oberti; the Secretary of Public Services, Marcelo Bressan; the President of the Entity for Citizen Prevention and Environmental Management, Cecilia Marquez; provincial and municipal officials, representatives of the beneficiary residents, and residents of the sector.

The system has a coverage of 50 meters in all directions and has a two-tone siren and a high-power LED technology reflector. At the moment the device is activated, the equipment sends 10 text messages to neighborhood references (previously loaded), identifying the neighbor who pressed the button. In this way, a solidarity system of community collaboration is developed.